Drone Mapping Solutions

ZSS is providing Indigenous UAV, Drone Inspection and mapping services to law enforcement agencies, construction industries, planning and development authorities, energy sector and agriculture industries

Drone for Agriculture

Drone based inspection

Through our artificial intelligence software, we offer agronomics recommendation to agriculture sector to make treatment more efficient and generate corps estimation production.


Aerial Surveying

Revolutionizing the collection and interpretation of remote sensing data we provide aerial surveying photogrammetry services. we offer a complete solution set from surveying to data analyses and 3D modeling


Inspection and Management

Use Arial date to increase efficiency and accuracy of stockpile mangement, Inspection excaration while keeping your team save and compliant. Create analyse and measurement on elevation maps and 3D models 

Power Line Inspection

Cost-effective bird’s-eye view

A cost-effective bird’s-eye view into your critical utilities assist. Data extracted is automatically processed and analyzed by algorithms which are trained to detect rust in bolts, losing of tower part, birds, etc.

Oil and gas

Drone based inspection

use our unique understanding of the oil industry to help you assess risk and reduce expenses. By utilizing multispectral satellite image data, spectral analysis and sub-pixel classification. This increases the success ratio considerable coordinate problems in excess of 1 km. Specialty services include recovery and coordinate adjustments of old wells, as well as seismic surveys in heavy jungle and terrain.

Defense and Security


Geo-spatial products and services for government agencies and defense contractors for various applications in defense and security mapping. ZSS has built a reputation on the quality and precision of the work we’ve delivered. we understand the need for impeccable accuracy and image quality for your mapping and information requirements.

Media and Entertainment

Visual perspectives

Get the stunning visual perspectives you need to captivate the audiences of your next news broadcast, science program, or movies blockbuster.

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