Advance Tracking System

A platform that provides a solution to all the problems that surround the vehicle. It tracks, monitors, analyses the current status of your vehicles and generates a report whenever you need it. GPS tracking system allows you to maintain your business assets and resources completely

Vehicle Tracking


It gives many facilities to the user. By this user can see its live vehicle activity , monitoring, vehicle ignition status & fuel monitoring through the single  click on the App 

Cargo tracking

Never lose the tracking

Almost 90% of the transportation of goods is done through by road transportation services provides you most reliable source of checking the containers exact location as well as your sensitive item through our item tracking system with cargo tracking the owner never loses the tracking of their items

Tracking through app

Serving Our Customers

ZSS serve their customer with online services as well the user can track their car to anywhere in the world through our website or mobile application this is a user-friendly platform offered and they can monitor their vehicle

Fuel monitoring

Special Feature

Zss will give you a special feature of fuel monitoring system as well because everybody is curious about their fuel consumption this system reported you about the consumption of fuel or any losses due to negligence

SMS Notification

Every Minute Notification

All the desired alert can be delivered to our costumer  on their desgnated number as well as on their backup number.

Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Special Feature

Real-time temperature and location information throughout the transport and storage time .Temperature Monitoring Solutions makes the life of cold chain managers an easy one, by providing real-time visibility of temperature sensitive shipments and gives them on end-to-end system for quality control and incident management.

Tracking Report

GPS tracking

With ZSS GPS tracking application various reports can be generated based on user’s needs. Such as Trip Summary, KM Summary, Ignition/Movement/Over speed and Parking reports.

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